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Dave's List of Jargon

album A perl script that is an html photo album generator which descends directories and has theme support.
Colorado A state in west central United States in the Rocky Mountains, full of people who ride mountain bikes and rock climb and live in the suburbs.
dance A way of expressing emotions by movement. There ar a wide variety of styles, forms, and techniques. All dance is accompanied by some form of music.
Dave A carbon-based bi-pedal lifeform of the highest quality.
Often referred to as "Dave," "David," or "Daveola," but not as "Michael"
Dave ][+ One of David Ljung Madison's signature nicknames, based on the "Apple ][+," explained in his FAQ
Dave++ One of David Ljung Madison's signature nicknames, based on C's evaluate/increment, explained in his FAQ
Daveola A nickname often used by David Ljung Madison. Pronounced "Dave-ola" not "Daveyola" or "Davola" since that's not how it's spelled.
When Dave Madison started to get involved with the net, this was the first domain he bought, and he ended up using it as his moniker/login on various websites. This turned out to be convenient since almost nobody else uses it, and since Dave's a fairly early adopter of useful websites, anyone else who might consider themselves a "Daveola" has since bowed to his supreme power.
geek A person with limited social skills, and usually strong technical skills. While this term was once derogatory, many 'geeks' are embracing it, in part thanks to the empowerment (and money) that "geek" life has received from the dot-com boom.
genius (n., adj.) someone who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality; "Mozart was a child genius"; "he's smart but he's no Einstein"; "Dave Madison is a genius and it frightens me"
GetDave A place where you can go to Get information about Dave.
Not a place where you can actually get a Dave.
Kodi Bear Winner of the prestigious "Greatest Dog In The World" award, 12 years running, since 1992.
Lindy Hop The original swing jazz dance that was mostly developed at the Savoy Ballroom in New York, popular in the 30's.
More info can be found at SFLindy
LindyBooty The original Lindy Hop Blues House party, started in San Francisco in 2002.
LindyBooty has since spread across North America. The distinguishing characteristics of a "LindyBooty" versus a regular blues party is:
1) It's populated with Lindy Hoppers who are having a blues night
2) It's generally held in houses or warehouses and goes until morning, as opposed to a blues event in a bar.
Lucky Gumball Bluff Pretending to have extra-human capabilities or knowledge, on the off chance that you'll be right and will surprise and impress everyone. The gamble is generally worthwhile since failure is assumed and hence ignored, whereas success is highly memorable. In a sense, this is an implementation of the fallacies of "Pascal's Wager" on other people. Based on a True Story
perl Practical Extraction and Reporting Language, an interpreted language initially created by Larry Wall to be a sort of "duct tape" for programming. Due to it's immense power throughout it's evolution into a complete language, it now has a massive following in the computer world. "Perl rocks and I love it. It rules with an iron fist"
recursive See recursive
sex sexual activity: activities associated with sexual intercourse; "Dave had sex in the back seat"
(a.k.a. spedoinkle)
This is a meaningless saying (often meaning either 'joy' or 'rats') from the movie "Cannibal! The Musical."
Trey Parker says in an interview: "I did this song for Cannibal!, and I knew it needed to be "It's a 'something' day", and it had to be three syllables. We recorded it that way 'cause I couldn't think of something, and everyone thought it was great. So I decided, we should just have people say it all the time."
ultracrepidarian (n., adj.) a person who gives opinions beyond his scope of knowledge (according to WWFTD
Interestingly enough, though, the word 'ultracrepidarian' above is probably not a 'real' word (if we can agree on what a 'real' word is).
Ironically, it is often used in papers that discuss how you need to avoid 'ultracrepidarianism' and then proceed to give the definition to a word that isn't really true. These people who give this definition aren't linguists. That's kind of funny. - all the current Dave Pointers. - my semi-professional home page. - my narcissistic home page. - Dave's geek site MarginalHacks - I have an elegant script for that, but it's too small to fit in the margin. DaveFAQ - answer all your questions here.

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